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The Fire Safety Training Company

About Us

The Fire Safety Training Company is part of The Health & Safety Group Ltd which was formed as a specialist health and safety training organisation in 2004. The Fire Safety Training Company was designed to help businesses and other organisations reduce fire safety risks through effective communication and training delivery.

The Fire Safety Training Company website is aimed at promoting and providing effective fire safety information and training in a variety of forms. All the fire training and training product content on this site has been written by professionals and experts in the fire safety field over a 12 year period. All fire safety content also complies with the Fire Safety Order and associated fire safety guidelines.

The Fire Safety Training Company presents its offer in two distinct fire safety delivery formats:

Fire Safety Services

  • Fire Risk Assessments are usually the first place for organisation or businesses to start. A fire risk assessment will deliver critical information on the specific fire risk within your organisation. From here you can establish what type of training staff require and what to do to minimise fire safety risks
  • Fire Safety Training Courses (Classroom Training Course) - Fire Safety Training Courses provide empower staff to reduce fire risks themselves. The fire safety training courses and products on this site also help to protect against or address the dangers associated with fires and smoke.
  • Fire Warden Courses - empower one or two individuals within an organisation to effectively manage fire safety from the point of view of daily fire risks and effective fire evacuation.

Fire Safety Products

  • Fire Safety DVDs - an ideal medium for induction fire safety training and for refresher training. Most fire safety DVDs are about 25 minutes long so this is fire safety information in bite size chunks.
  • Fire Safety Booklets - Provide an effective summary of the key fire safety facts in the DVDs and provide a permanent reference of ire safety information for staff to have at hand.
  • Fire Safety Posters - Are a great way to use wall space as a training medium and a high impact reminder of key fire safety facts.