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The Fire Safety Training Company

Fire Safety Management

The law now says that Fire safety is the responsibility of the owner/s, employer/s or board of directors of an organisation.

A 'responsible person' can and should be nominated and therefore should be incorporated within daily management activities in order to minimise fire safety risks and improve workplace safety culture.


This course is aimed at:

  • All workers in a management or supervisory role with the responsibility of implementing an internal fire safety management program.


By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the requirements of current legislation & guidance
  • Be able to undertake fire risk assessments & act on the findings
  • Explain the different fire prevention methods & testing requirements
  • Understand ways to improve a workplaces fire safety culture and ensure best practice is adopted
  • Minimise fire risk in the workplace
  • Understand what should be included within a fire log book


  • Introduction to Guidance and Legislation
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Fire Risk Assessments including hazard identification
  • Emergency Plans
  • Staff Training
  • Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance
  • Fire Equipment Testing and Maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance
  • Electrical Installation / Portable Appliance Test
  • Fire Drills
  • Fire Incidents
  • Hot Work Permits


This course provides up to date information to increase your knowledge on the practical application of fire safety within a workplace. It raises awareness of internal fire safety risks, promotes fire prevention and guides you to minimise the risk from fire as far as reasonable practicable" therefore:

  • Keeping employees and visitors safe from fire
  • Complying with fire safety legislation
  • Ensuring your fire insurance is valid

Fire Safety Management

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